We know there's no clear pathways in the music industry and with more information than ever available as a new and emerging artist it's difficult to know where to turn to for advice and support from a trusted source.

Your Favourite Team is bringing together artists from across the world to share their experiences and to help each other navigate the industry in a completely new way.

As part of a team you get access to:


  • Our Team Circle community

  • Trusted list or producers across a number of genres.  We've vetted each of these producers, negotiated fees and are there to offer support across the creative process as needed.

  • A team manager who is there to support each team.


You also receive:


  • 10% discount on any 'One on One' you book.

  • The ability to book group sessions with YFT guests.

  • Monthly YFT Newsletter with interviews from our guests

  • 25% discount on all YFT events (featured interviews, monthly interviews, presented shows)

  • The ability to have your live shows presented by YFT (example here).  Conditions apply.

In our teams so far artists have:

  • Regularly met up on Zoom to talk about music and check in with each other

  • Organise co-writing sessions

  • Support each other or put shows on together

  • Ask questions about the industry and share each others experiences