TEAM 002



The YFT Teams are a place to help you grow your network as well as your value as artists.  The teams also give you a way to learn and share your own experiences with each other.

Looking forward to catching up next week.

TEAM 002



As part of your membership to team 001 when you book a 'One on One' session you receive a discount of 15%..  The 15% fee is our usually fee from the transaction, so the remaining 85% goes directly to the industry guest.

The night before the next lot of sessions go live we will post about who the guests are in the FB group as well so you will get first chance to lock a session away.

The coupon code you'll use is:


We'll be posting our next months guests in the FB group a few days before we announce on socials.  This will give you all a few days to lock away some group times. 

The cost for a group session is:

2 or 3 people = $30 (pp) for 30 minutes

3 + = $30 (pp) for 1 hour.


Coming soon