'One on Ones'

What type of questions can I ask in my 'One on One'?

To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button. When you book your session you’ll be asked a series of questions to guarantee you get the most out of your time with the industry professional. Some of the most popular questions that we’ve seen are:I’m currently planning my first single release. - Would you recommend working with a publicist? - I’ve released an EP and a few singles but I’m feeling a little unsure what the next step should be. Do you have some advice on continuing to move the project forward? - I’m looking to play more live shows, what’s the best way to go about finding local shows and support slots? - I’ve just finished recording an EP and I’m not sure how many singles, if I should have a launch and how to promote it. What’s the best time to get in touch with labels? - I’ve had an offer from a label but I’m not sure if it’s the right move or not. Are you able to talk me through the things I should look out for when potentially signing with a label? If you aren’t unsure of the best questions to ask in your session, you can email us directly and we can supply you with questions that we feel would be beneficial to your project.

Are there any questions I can’t ask?

At all times we want to make sure our guests feel comfortable in each session. To make sure they aren’t put in an uncomfortable situation, questions in the vein of: - Can we stay in touch after this session? - Can you book my band? - Can you manage my bad? - Can my band support a band you manage? May lead to the session being ended and your membership at YFT being put into review.

Am I able to ask for feedback on my demos?

This isn't something that YFT is offering as we believe that demo feedback is tied to much more than how the song itself sounds. Making commentary on an artists art requires a much more in deepth conversation than some notes on a demo.

Am I able to ask for legal advice?

Although some of our guests are dealing with contracts and other legal issues on behalf their clients we ask them not to answer any legal questions. We recommend you directing all legal questions to lawyers who can make sure they're across all the information that pertains to your concern.

What fees do YFT charge to book a session?

For facilitating each 'One on One' session, YFT retains 15% of fees that are paid to each industry professional.

YFT Teams

What is a YFT Team?

We know there's no clear pathways in the music industry and with more information than ever available as a new and emerging artist it's difficult to know where to turn to for advice and support from a trusted source.

That's why we created Teams.

Teams allows you to connect with artists from across the world to share experiences and to help each other navigate the industry in a completely new way.

As part of teams you get access to:

  • 10% discount on any 'One on Ones' with monthly featured guests.
  • Group sessions with YFT monthly featured guests
  • Monthly YFT Newsletter with interviews from our guests.
  • 25% discount on all YFT events (featured interviews, monthly interviews, presented shows)
  • The ability to have your live shows presented by YFT (Conditions apply)

How is the YFT Team put together?

We interview each artists before they're placed into a team to make sure we're building a positive enviroment for each artist.

We want to make sure everyone artist who is involved is here for the right reasons and willing to contribute to group discussions in a postive way.

How regularly do each of the teams meet?

We meet every two weeks either for a co-writing session or a team catch up.

What do you talk about in teams?

Anything and everything. We have artists ask about:-

  • How to write a release plan
  • Grant writing advice
  • Demo sharing
  • Show planning and potential support opportunities
  • Artists releases they want remixed
  • How much they should be charged for a single vs an EP
  • Tips on TikTok and socials

Building your team

Why would I need to build a team?

As artists project grow they usually have managers, booking agents, publicists and many other services reach out to support them. For many new and emerging artists this is something for them to aspire to but we realise that many industry actually want to be assisting emerging artists it just very much comes down to how much time they have.

We have strong exisiting relationships with music industry experts from around the world and are working on ways to share their knowledge to make the music industry that much stronger.
This is why Your Favourite Team artists have the ability to connect directly with experts to ask questions that before weren't possible. This gives artists access to the knowledge that managed artists get every day.

Who can I put on my team?

It's totally up to you! You can choose from our Managers, A&Rs, Publicists teams and more as we grow.

Can anyone build a team?

Totally, whether you're a new, emerging or a more estbalished artists YFT is for you.

You may choose to sign up as you work towards your next release, or in mid campaign to ask questions that can better position you for success. We're here to fit in with you and your needs, whenever that is.

How do I communicate with the experts if I create my own team?

As soon as you've select the experts you'd like on your team you will be invited to a private Circle group. In these groups you'll be able to ask questions, comment and share your own experience with others in the group.

Can I change my team?

Yes you can, every month you're able to email us and let us know if you'd like to change your line up. email us

How many experts can I recruit on my team?

At this stage just three but if you'd like to get in touch and let us know you're needs we can no doubt work something out.

Can I be in a YFT team and also create my own team?

You sure can.

What am I allowed to share and ask to the experts?

You're able to ask whatever questions you would like to have answered. To make it a postive enviroment for each artist and expert we do want to make sure questions like the below examples: - Can you manage my band? - Can I support an act you look after? Are not asked. YFT is a place to share knowledge and learn from industry experts, not pitch your projects to them.

How quickly will the experts respond to my questions?

We would expect within 1 weeks at the latest you will have a questions answered. The experts will make a set amount of time avaiable each month to look over their Circle and reply to each answer. This is a new system we're working with so if you haven't heard back on a question, get in touch and we will make sure we get you an answer.

How many questions can I ask the experts?

As many as you like, we're still testing to see how this will be work but at the moment please ask as many questions as you have.

We do ask that you don't float more than two questions at a time just so our experts can keep ontop of demand.

What is YFT?

What is YFT?

YFT is a place for artists to ask music industry professionals for advice and guidance. YFT is bridging the gap between unmanaged and managed artists. If you’ve ever wondered what a manager's advice would be at key points in your career, you now have access to it.